Fadnavis downplays Sena posturing, says his govt. will complete term

Amid bitterness in ties with ally Shiv Sena, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has fired a fresh salvo questioning the opposition to his decision to provide security to Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali when Sena Chief’s family had hosted cricketer Javed Miandad.
Mr. Fadnavis, who had disapproved of t…


Most polluted city in the world, Delhi suffers from a toxic blend, says UK study

A new study on air pollution in Delhi by a team of researchers led by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom has found the city suffers from a “toxic blend of geography, growth, poor energy sources and unfavourable weather that boosts its dangerously high levels of air pollution”. The s…

Bucharest nightclub fire leaves Romania stunned

Twenty-seven people – mostly teenagers and young people – have been killed after fire broke out at a nightclub in Bucharest, officials say.
The blaze took hold at the Colectiv club on Friday night, causing a stampede for the exit.
Emergency response chief Raed Arafat said 155 people…


Heat-triggered ‘grenades’ hit cancer

Scientists have designed microscopic “grenades” that can explode their cancer-killing payload in tumours.
The team will present its findings at the National Cancer Research Institute conference next week.
They plan to use liposomes – tiny bubbles of fat which carry materials…


Narendra Modi announces $10 billion credit for Africa over next five years

New Delhi: India on Thursday offered a concessional credit of USD 10 billion to Africa over the next five years and a grant assistance of USD 600 million even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a strong pitch for deeper ties in key areas of counter-terrorism, climate change and UN…


Worried over India’s future, scientist P.M. Bhargava to return Padma Bhushan

One of India’s top scientists and founder-director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), P. M. Bhargava on Thursday said he had decided to return the Padma Bhushan award as he was worried about the future of India.
Mr. Bhargava told The Hindu that if the present trend…


Syria conflict: John Kerry seeks end to civil war ‘hell’

The US is intensifying diplomatic efforts to end the “hell” of Syria’s civil war even as it increases support for moderate rebels, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said.
Mr Kerry is travelling to Vienna for talks with foreign ministers on ending the four-and-a-half year…